Saturday, October 25, 2014
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For our Valentine's Bash, On saturday February 15th 2014, Birdies for the Brave Tampa Bay has teamed up with Qtego AuctionTechnology, a technology firm that provides a revolutionary silent auction experience.


QTEGO is using a new technology which allows any bidders to bid using a smartphone or a tablet.

It is easy, you just have to register in advance and then you will be able to follow your auction without any hazzle.

There is no more need to leave your friends or your group and go back to the auction table. You can bid from anywhere. (even if you cannot join us during this great party!)

You will be instanly informed if you are overbid.

You can deternine a maximum price you are willing to pay.

When the auction is finished, outprocessing is much easier and faster.



To check our auction website click here. Please note that we are adding silent auctions items almost daily. If you don't see anything that interest you, please check back as more items will be added.


How to register your phone?

  1. Register your mobile phone number at:
  2. Watch for 2 text messages from QTEGO, confirming your registration.
  3. Click on the link in the confirmation text message, and it will direct you to your personal online bidding. From there, select “Auction Items.”
QTEGO Auction